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    Trending scented ingredients and where to find them at Solid Scent Co.

    Trending scented ingredients and where to find them at Solid Scent Co.

    This spring is all about the revival of uplifting scents. Not sure how to pick your new season solid scent? Here we bring you the trending accords you’ll find in our exquisite blends…

    Trending ingredient #1: Chocolate 

    It’s no wonder chocolate ingredients are in the spotlight this spring with Easter around the corner. If we’re going to eat chocolate over Easter, we may as well smell like it too, right? Solid Perfume Bella boasts a sweet, natural base of cocoa, which adds a richness to the playful hues of mandarin, lilac and pink pepper. Enchanting and elegant, this is one to sport anywhere, from Easter family gatherings to boho garden parties. It guarantees to last on your skin thanks to the base notes of vanilla and amber, which compliment the cocoa beautifully. Top tip: don’t just save it for spring, it’s a seasonal all-rounder too. 

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    Trending ingredient #2: Musk 

    Musk adds a homely warmth into any fragrance. It’s calming, earthy and slightly sun-kissed – what more could you need? We’re glad to report that it’s trending right now and there’s no signs of it stopping. It offers a fuzzy, comforting feel that makes you feel safe and grounded (just what we need in this post-pandemic world). This spring, reach for a musk-infused solid scent like Solid Perfume Juno to set your heart aflutter. It combines calming white musk with sweet rose and lychee for an upbeat, energising scent. 

    Trending ingredient #3: Grapefruit 

    As the weather brightens up, it’s finally time to sport a citrus fragrance. All hail grapefruit, the zesty perfume ingredient of the moment (trust us, you’ll see it everywhere in the perfume world). Bringing you freshness, tanginess and an electric boost of energy on a platter, it’s everything you need this spring for outdoors adventures, holidays or commuting in to brighten up your day. Cue Solid Cologne Hudson with its captivating mix of grapefruit, bergamot, rosemary and oak. Keep it in your pocket this season for regular touch ups on-the-go. 

    Trending ingredient #4: Lavender

    Lavender blooms in early spring, so it only seems right that it’s on the hot list this season. Seek lavender products for some TLC – inhaling it can alleviate stress and relieve symptoms of anxiety by soothing the nervous system. Our top lavender pick? Solid Soap Bar Lavender & Lemongrass, the single most useful soap you’ll use this spring. It gently exfoliates, cleanses, tones and moisturises, whilst revitalising your skin with lavender, lemongrass, mint and tea tree. There’s also some hard-working seaweed in there that soothes and nourishes your hands, leaving you with swoon-worthy skin. We like to call this a self-care soap. Dreamy.

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    Trending ingredient #5: Ginger

    Ginger is the smell of spring 2022. Invigorating, punchy and there to make a statement, it’s just the confidence boost you need for all your spring time mingling, adventures and events. Meet Solid Cologne Ralston, powered by ginger, bergamot, white pepper and basil flower which explode on the skin (it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted). If you’re into bold and spicy scents that put you centre-stage, this solid fragrance is calling your name. Get ready for a lot of attention in this – you’ll be complimented everywhere you go. 

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