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    Top hand luggage accessories to grab this season

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    Whether you’re jetting off to a destination on the green travel list or 'staycationing' in the UK, meet the hand luggage-friendly solid scents to keep you smelling sublime. We’re proud to say that all Solid Scent Co. perfumes are pocket-size and contain a natural base of cocoa butter, so you can waltz through security with no qualms. Ready, set, summer!

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    Solid Perfume Zari

    Want to smell beachy and bold? Look to Zari for your tropical fragrance fix. It’s infused with wild berries, blood grapefruit and sandalwood to transport you straight to a luxe beach resort. Prepare to smell divine from take off to touch down with this by your side. And when you get to your destination, you can sport it whilst chasing the sun.

    Solid Perfume Juno

    Our top holiday packing tip? Pop Solid Perfume Juno in your hand luggage and smell like a vacation before you even arrive. That’s right, we suggest applying it on route to get into holiday spirit ASAP. This summer fragrance combines orange, bergamot and grapefruit, followed by a super-sweet duo of rose and lychee. What’s more, it’s deeply moisturising (thank you Shea butter and beeswax formula), so you’ll enjoy smooth, nourished skin too.

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    Solid Perfume Raine

    This ticks all the boxes - long-lasting, rich and glamorous. What more could you want from a perfume? Take Solid Perfume Raine everywhere with you, from your hand luggage, pocket, day bag or clutch. We love the stylish notes of blackberry, neroli and wild plum which truly sparkle on your skin.

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    Solid Cologne Flinders

    This is the scent equivalent to a beautiful sunset, thanks to the dreamy combo of cinnamon, amber and mandarin. Kickstart your holiday off by rubbing Flinders onto your wrists and neck in circular motions – these areas naturally radiate heat, which enhances the overall scent. 

    Solid Cologne Franklin

    Say hello to the solid scent that oozes tropical accords of pineapple, blackcurrant and vanilla. Juicy, playful and confident, Franklin screams summer, so much so that you’ll want to wear it way beyond the warm weather season to bring back all the incredible memories.

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    Solid Cologne Ralston

    If there’s one summer fragrance to pick for plane, car and train journeys, it’s got to be this. Offering an instant dose of energy, say hello to white pepper, ginger, bergamot and basil flower as you’ve never smelt them before. This will quickly become your invisible wingman, which you’ll never want to leave behind.


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