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    The rise of eco-friendly beauty: how Solid Perfume Co. is joining the party

    The rise of eco-friendly beauty: how Solid Perfume Co. is joining the party

    The rise of eco-friendly beauty: how Solid Perfume Co. is joining the party

    If there’s one thing that’s trending for 2020, it’s sustainable lifestyles – especially when it comes to beauty buying. Yep, even Generation Z are getting hooked onto more planet-conscious products because, well, it feels good to do good. And when it comes to fragrance, more consumers are wanting to know exactly how eco-friendly their favourite smells are. Looking for a scent that ticks all the boxes? Here’s how Solid Perfume Co. is winning at ethical fragrance…

    Clean beauty heroes

    Let us introduce you to the most sustainable scents of the moment – Solid Perfume Co.’s Zari, Luna, Rocco, Bella, Raine and Juno. Guaranteed to give you a guilt-free conscience, these solid fragrances have a 100% natural base of cocoa butter, shea butter, almond oil and beeswax with no hidden nasties or parabens (which although gives products a longer shelf-life, has been linked to human illnesses). With added perfume ingredients like vanilla, rose and plum that keep you smelling incredible from AM to PM, you can rest assured that there’s no greenwashing welcome here.

    Cruelty-free stamp

    Cruelty-free scents are on the hotlist this year - and it’s easy to see why. Cruelty-free confirms that no animals are touched in the making of a product whatsoever, unlike the ‘no animal-testing’ label (that many brands adopt) which means although the product may not have been tested on animals, each individual ingredient could have been. Plus, with 54% of UK beauty and personal care shoppers researching products online before buying them, it’s obvious that most of us want to know what’s really going on behind the scenes. Well, we’re all for being transparent with our Solid Perfume Co. scents, which is why we’re proud to say that we’re cruelty-free from start to finish. Now, that’s something to celebrate!

    Refillable case

    Our compact scent cases are 100% refillable, so once you snag yours you won’t need to buy it again.  You’ll have loads of fun wearing your solid fragrance, especially as you can switch up your scent whenever you like – yep, each case fits all six Solid Perfume Co. signature scents. More than one scent take your fancy? Remember to purchase one compact fragrance with as many refills as you wish. This means less packaging heads to landfill, so your carbon footprint will be that much smaller. Whoop! What’s more, our packaging is 98% plastic-free – watch this space for us to make up our last 2% target…

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