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    Solid Perfume 101: How to wear it this winter

    Solid Perfume 101: How to wear it this winter

    Brrrr, it’s starting to feel like winter. As we hibernate into our cosy cocoons and get into full hygge mode, it’s time to switch up our scents. Looking for a unique, practical and fuss-free way to wear perfume this season? Pick a Solid Scent Co. fragrance.

    The concept? A solid balm that boasts the same longevity as a liquid fragrance but with heaps of benefits – it’s easy to apply (you simply rub it into your skin), lasts for hours on end and travels with you everywhere you go. Here’s the full lowdown…

    Winter rule #1: Choose warm, spicy hues

    It’s not winter without a seasonal scent. And if you’re looking to smell just like sitting by the fireplace in your fluffiest socks, your wish is our command. For maximum impact, opt for deep, aromatic and punchy ingredients, like nutmeg, ginger and oud wood in Solid Perfume Rocco or sandalwood, basil flower and tonka bean in Solid Cologne Ralston. These snug scents define winter (in our eyes anyway), so much so that you’ll want to spritz them 24/7.

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    Winter rule #2: Switch up your scent for every occasion 

    The new season doesn’t mean settling on just one scent. Nope. It’s time to have fragrance flings, which means mixing it up to match your social calendar. Start with Solid Cologne Flinders (blood orange, cinnamon and leather), which is equally perfect for a Christmas dinner party as it is for crisp, winter walks. Or if you’re due a date night, Solid Perfume Luna is seductive and sophisticated, courtesy of pink pepper, roses and vanilla. Jet-setting away in search of some winter sun? We implore you to take Solid Perfume Juno, with its fun, fruity layers of lychee, orange and grapefruit. 

    Winter rule #3: Reach for the refills

    Solid Scent Co.’s perfume refills are the best kept winter secret around. Why? Each one seamlessly slots into the metal compact whenever you fancy a switch up, be it for festive occasions or long-haul adventures. The best part – the refills (as well as the compact) are pocket-size, so you can mix up your scent on-the-go. Nifty and chic, they also make the perfect stocking filler gifts for Christmas 2021. 

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    Winter rule #4: Moisturise as you apply

    Suffer from dry, chapped skin in winter? Let Solid Scent Co. beauties be your skin saviour. You’ll be happy to know that all products are deeply moisturising (even on sensitive skin), featuring a natural base of shea butter, beeswax, sweet almond oil and cocoa that soothes and smoothes. Plus, when rubbed on your pulse points, the balm intensifies the overall scent – so expect a lingering trail to follow you wherever you go.


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