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    How to use solid scent as part of your grooming regime

    How to use solid scent as part of your grooming regime

    You may not have thought about it before, but fragrance plays an integral role in your grooming routine. How? It’s the final step in getting you prepped for the day. But when it comes to Solid Scent Co. fragrances, there’s so much more than just the irresistible smell. Here’s how and why a Solid Cologne scent needs to be part of your grooming ritual…


    Skincare buffs, rejoice! Love how refreshing your cleansing products smell already? Well, a Solid Cologne scent promises to perfectly complement it. Don’t be afraid to mix up your skincare scent game – you could use a cleanser enriched with fruit and sport a woody solid scent. The main thing is, your solid fragrance will enhance your overall aroma, creating a powerful, long-lasting scent. For an energetic pick to uplift you at once, choose a zesty Solid Cologne hero, such as Flinders (blood orange and grapefruit) or Hudson (Sicilian mandarin and bergamot).

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    Thought fragrance couldn’t be a grooming saviour too? Wrong. All Solid Cologne scents feature a natural base of cocoa, shea butter, sweet almond oil and pure beeswax, so get ready for an intense moisturising experience. Expect smooth, soothed skin that also works for dry and eczema-prone complexions. What’s more, all Solid Cologne scents are housed in pocket-size compact cases, so you can reach for sleek, nourished skin on demand.

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    Your daily grooming routine is ‘you’ time, so remember to give yourself some TLC. Top tip: combine massage with mindfulness as you apply your Solid Cologne fragrance.

    Here’s how to give yourself a scented massage: apply the balm in circular motions around the wrist bones, followed by stroking the inside of the wrist with your thumb. When it comes to your neck, gently rub into the area just under your collar bone.

    solid cologne balm fragrance aftershave metal compact travel accessory dapper gentlemen's accessory top up refresh natural scent solid scent co

    As you relax and inhale the luxurious smell, we recommend practising mindfulness – slowing down, being in the present moment and breathing deeply for 3-5 minutes. Seek out a fragrance that makes you feel calm as you unwind, like Solid Cologne Franklin, which mingles jasmine and vanilla or Solid Cologne Ralston and its energising combo of ginger and bergamot. The perfect way to start the day.

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