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    How to practise mindfulness with Solid Scent Co. products

    How to practise mindfulness with Solid Scent Co. products

    It’s time to take your fragrance application to the next level and practise mindfulness alongside it. Yep, we’re calling this your new, scented self-care session. After all, each Solid Scent Co. product contains therapeutic ingredients that help soothe you (as well as leaving you smelling sensational). Here’s how to reset, refresh and revitalise with Solid Scent Co… 

    Step 1: Pick a Solid Soap and Shampoo Bar to unwind with

    Kick off your mindfulness session with a Solid Soap and Shampoo Bar. When you use these in the shower, aim to inhale deeply and allow yourself to notice the smells and texture of the soap, as well as how you feel when you apply these. This will help you stay in the present moment and enjoy feeling at peace.

    Step 2: Choose your Solid Perfume or Solid Cologne to apply afterwards

    Once you’re ready to apply your perfume, pick a solid fragrance from our impressive range. As you apply these to your wrists or neck (or both) in circular motions, do it with intent and give yourself a mini massage. You could repeat this a few times whilst inhaling the scent and follow this by tapping your fingers onto your skin to help you feel energised. 

    Step 3: Try breathing exercises

    When practising mindfulness, breathing exercises don’t need to be complicated. Helping you feel in the moment, you’ll enjoy being still and focusing on this time to pamper yourself. You could tune into your breath whilst you apply a Solid Scent Co. product or once you’ve finished your routine – the choice is yours. Either way, simply inhale through your nose for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 4 seconds and exhale through your mouth for 4 seconds. Then, hold your breath for another 4 seconds before starting again. Notice how you feel as you breathe deeply and what sensations arise as you calm down. 

    Our top therapeutic Solid Scent Co. picks to try 

    Solid Scent Co. product: Solid Soap Bar Lavender & Lemongrass

    Features: Gentle lavender that smells herbaceous and sweet

    Benefits: Washing your hands with this luscious soap means you’ll reap the benefits of lavender as you inhale it, which can actually soothe the nervous system. This can instantly make you feel more relaxed and help relieve symptoms of anxiety. 

    Solid Scent Co. product: Solid Perfume Co Luna 

    Features: A floral frenzy of dewy roses that ooze romance and opulence

    Benefits: Apart from the obvious attraction to smelling roses, they’re also incredibly powerful for your mind. When you choose a scent with rose oil in, it consists of healing elements that can improve stress, insomnia and feeling lost or irritated. 

    Solid Scent Co. product: Solid Cologne Ralston 

    Features: Soft, sensual sandalwood that’s slightly creamy (and very addictive)

    Benefits: When you breathe in sandalwood oil, like you do here, it helps you channel your inner zen. We like to think of sandalwood as a scented ticket to a retreat as it can help you de-stress, find clarity and increase feelings of happiness. 

    Solid Scent Co. product: Solid Shampoo Bar Patchouli, Tea Tree & Sweet Orange

    Features: Powerful patchouli that entwines earthy and minty tones leaving your hair smelling super-refreshed.

    Benefits: You might not know this, but patchouli is known for releasing serotonin and dopamine, which help reduce anxiety. This can relax the mind and help you feel grounded, which makes you more present in the moment and increases concentration. 

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