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    How to mix and match Solid Scent Co. scents

    How to mix and match Solid Scent Co. scents

    Fragrance fans, it’s time to turn your scent up a notch. Yes, mix and matching is the new way to layer your scent and once you start, you won’t be able to stop. Here are our favourite Solid Scent Co. duos to try your hand at the craze (trust us, you’ll be hooked)…

    Layering 101: why to mix and match

    The lowdown: applying two solid scents enhances your overall aroma, leaving you with a luscious trail wherever you go. The trick is to rub each one into your perfume points (places that naturally radiate heat) like the wrists, neck, chest, behind the knees and even your belly button, as this strengthens the scent even more. Once you start layering, you’ll understand why this trend attracts all the compliments. 

    How to find your solid scent matches

    Your layering journey starts with fragrance families. These are different groups of scents characterised by perfume notes – the key ones are floral, fruity, gourmand, aquatic, woody and citrus fragrance families. 

    To layer your Solid Scent Co. fragrance like a pro, choose two from different fragrance families that blend seamlessly together. We can’t get enough of crisp, tangy citrus blends when they combine with warm, woody wonders. Or if you’re feeling playful and bold, vibrant florals with juicy fruity fragrances are a winner.

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    Your bespoke Solid Scent Co. matches

    Solid Perfume Juno + Solid Perfume Zari 

    Love refreshing, outdoorsy aromas? This duet is your match. Start with Juno on your wrists – a zesty, feel-good scent consisting of bergamot, orange and grapefruit. Then, allow the woody hints of Zari to create a rich, long-lasting base on your neck (courtesy of creamy sandalwood accords). We’ve been raving about this combo ever since we first discovered it. 

    Solid Perfume Luna + Solid Perfume Raine 

    Floral and fruity fever combined? Yes please! If you’re seeking what can only be described as an olfactory rave on your skin, look no further. First up, Luna captures the sweet scent of a blooming flower garden, thanks to the rose, jasmine and freesia. For some added depth, throw Raine into the mix with its sparkling cocktail of blackberry and wild plum. Guaranteed to give you an instant confidence boost, this pairing is just the thing to uplift you.  

    Solid Cologne Hudson + Solid Cologne Franklin 

    A crowd-pleasing combination, who knew that two gourmand scents could smell so right together? Both sharing fun, foodie notes, they articulate beautifully on your skin. Hudson oozes a spicy and invigorating blend of rosemary and Sichuan pepper, whilst Franklin is a lighter, fruity option, hosting blackcurrant, apple and pineapple. The result is a hugely intriguing, sultry scent. We’re obsessed. 

    Solid Cologne Ralston and Solid Perfume Rocco

    Fact: when it comes to layering, Ralston and Rocco are a match made in scent heaven. Let us explain – aromatic basil flower and white pepper in Ralston entwine with Rocco’s oriental tones of ginger, nutmeg and vanilla. Together, they are reminiscent of a spice market, so prepare to be transported far, far away. You’ll love how adventurous and a little flirty this combo is.

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