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    How to apply your Solid Scent Co. fragrance at 34,000 feet

    How to apply your Solid Scent Co. fragrance at 34,000 feet

    The best kept secret to smelling and feeling good on a plane? A Solid Scent Co. fragrance. Hear us out – these pocket-sized scents are designed to make travelling simple. Easy to use, cruelty-free and ultra-refreshing, all hail this season’s ultimate air travel accessory…

    The best part about packing your Solid Scent Co. fragrance is that it fits seamlessly into your pocket or hand luggage. Unlike liquid fragrances, this nifty gadget is completely fuss-free, meaning you’ll be able to walk through security and top up at the airport with no worries (#winning).
    Want to mix up your scent whilst exploring? From touch ups at 34,000 feet to glamorous dinners with a view, Solid Scent Co. refillable perfumes are just the thing to grab. Simply pop whichever scent you fancy into the metal compact case for short or long-haul adventures.

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    We suggest applying your Solid Scent Co. fragrance pre-take-off, mid-flight and before landing. Why? It’ll keep you energised, calm and confident when you need it the most. Here’s how to do it – open the compact, swirl your fingers into the perfume and rub in circular motions into your pulse points (these are areas of your body that radiate heat, which intensify the overall aroma). Try your wrists, neck, behind your ears and inside the elbow (yes, you read that right). Fascinating, right?
    Plus, thanks to the base of shea butter, beeswax and sweet almond oil, the Solid Scent Co. range are moisturising heroes – yay! As if it couldn’t get any better, they last for hours on your skin, so whether you’re flying to Paris or Peru, you’ll smell divine in transit.

    Solid Perfume Zari
    A portable, practical and premium-smelling perfume, Zari ticks all the boxes. The smell? Zingy accords of blood grapefruit combine with creamy vanilla for a gorgeous gourmand aroma. Then you’ve got delicate hints of violet and gardenia which promise to send you into a floral frenzy. Just the fragrance to keep you refreshed mid-flight, this luxe beauty gadget is calling your name.

    Solid Perfume Raine
    Allow Raine to transport you to a tropical oasis as soon as you apply it. Fruity and floral infusions of neroli, blackberry, rose and wild plum smell beachy and playful, meaning you’ll smell like your holiday before you even touch down. Whilst you’re applying this on the plane, breath deeply to induce calm and positivity. And relax…

    Solid Cologne Franklin
    Mastering the art of fun yet subtle scents, Franklin was made to travel in. Boasting a cocktail of pineapple, blackcurrant and bergamot supported by weighty musk and oak moss, it’s radiant and invigorating (without being overpowering). Raise your jet-setter game in this.

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    Solid Cologne Ralston
    You can rely on Ralston to keep you zen from take-off to landing. With energetic ginger, white pepper and tonka bean, it’s intensely calming. Post-plane journey, this will fast become your staple scent. Whenever you need a pick-me-up, reach for this.

    Some exciting news from Solid Scent Co. HQ – we have officially launched with an Iconic British airline inflight services and will be available from November on Aeroflot airlines and Air Baltic from December. So next time you board a flight, you may be able to stock up on the hottest solid fragrances around. You heard it here first.

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