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    How to accessorise your Christmas party look with a solid scent

    How to accessorise your Christmas party look with a solid scent

    Going out-out is back. And whether that means a fancy Christmas meal with your work mates or a night out with your squad, here are the Solid Scent Co. fragrances to dazzle in. Trust us, these are the perfect scented accessories to complete your look. 

    What is a solid fragrance? 

    Unlike conventional liquid fragrances, solid scents are ones that you apply by simply rubbing into your skin. The beauty of this is that the scent immediately absorbs, guaranteeing impressive staying power. Ready to give it a go? Simply open the sleek metal compact, swirl your finger into the perfume and rub into your pulse points.

    Solid Perfume Bella

    Get ready to fall head over heels for this fun, festive pick. Let Bella be your party prep perfume – it’ll jazz up any look, thanks to its sparkling infusion of lilac, vanilla and mandarin. Also boasting a deeply moisturising base of shea butter, beeswax and sweet almond oil, you’ll benefit from lusciously smooth skin that provides the perfect base for your scent to work its magic (in other words, you’ll be smelling incredible for hours on end). This is everyone’s Christmas party essential. 

    Solid Perfume Rocco

    Sexy, mysterious and mouth-watering, Rocco smells as good as it sounds. Whether you’re having casual Christmas drinks or attending a glamorous gala, this solid scent is the perfect plus one. Allow the symphony of ginger, nutmeg, black truffle and vanilla to awaken your senses, which were made for standing out in as you mingle, mooch around or meet under the mistletoe. It’s pocket-size too, so you can touch up throughout the night. Yay!

    Solid Cologne Flinders

    Newsflash: Christmas party season hasn’t begun until you’ve smothered yourself in Flinders. This might be the last thing you apply once you’re dressed up and looking dapper, but it’s the most crucial accessory for smelling and feeling good in. Meet its intensely elegant mix of zingy blood mandarin, spicy cinnamon and deep leather accords, which ooze playfulness and adventure. Complete the look with a swanky velvet dinner suit – now all that’s left to do is party the night away.

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    Solid Cologne Ralston

    With Christmas fast approaching and those celebrations already in the calendar, there’s nothing better to grab than Ralston. Just the thing to make you smell chic with minimal effort involved, it houses invigorating notes of ginger, white pepper, sandalwood and tonka bean. And don’t fret, it’s the most guilt-free solid scent option (just like the rest of the range) with its cruelty-free, refillable and eco-conscious standpoint. Yep, there’s nothing not to love about Ralston. 

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