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    Christmas is back! Introducing a solid scent for every festive occasion.

    Christmas is back! Introducing a solid scent for every festive occasion.

    We missed you last year, Christmas. Welcome back! And because we’re thrilled to resume the festive celebrations, here are the Solid Scent Co. fragrances you’ll want to sport absolutely everywhere…

    Christmas occasion: Glitzy Christmas party

    Solid Scent Co. pick: Solid Perfume Juno

    Whether it’s the office party or a festive feast, make sure you stand out with Solid Perfume Juno. This sweet, captivating blend of orange, rose, lychee and vanilla is just what you need to stand out – after all, it’s basically a dress code of dress to impress in a compact. Pair with some killer heels and a statement festive outfit. Now it’s time to party.

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    Christmas occasion: Decorating your Christmas tree 

    Solid Scent Co. pick: Solid Cologne Hudson

    The perfect solid scent to feel all fuzzy and festive inside, Hudson is just what us homely souls are craving right now. Whether you’re decorating the Christmas tree to a Michael Bublé playlist or watching a rom-com by a crackling fire, the aromatic, woody hues of rosewood, oak, rosemary and incense are sure to help you unwind. What’s more, all Solid Scent Co. fragrances are pocket-size, so you can literally bring this with you everywhere. 

    Christmas occasion: Jetting off far, far away

    Solid Scent Co. pick: Solid Perfume Raine 

    Chasing the sun this winter? We’re not jealous at all. If you’re off on an adventure abroad, you’ll definitely want to bring the travel-friendly Raine. Boasting exotic notes of blackberry, wild plum, vanilla and neroli, this whisks you off to a hammock on the beach straight away. Even more impressive, it features a base of shea butter, almond oil and pure beeswax, so get ready for the most silky, swoon-worthy skin. Top tip: apply it before take-off, during the flight and just before you land to feel refreshed, confident and calm. 

    Christmas occasion: Date night 

    Solid Scent Co. pick: Solid Cologne Flinders

    Provocative, daring and very (very) flirty, Flinders is date night in a bottle. The scent perfectly compliments any type of romantic meet up this season, from first date rooftop drinks to anniversary dinners somewhere fancy. The lowdown? A spicy leather accord mingles with a sprinkle of cinnamon and peppermint. Complete with refreshing hints of blood mandarin and grapefruit, you’ll feel all kinds of charming when sporting this. 

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