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    Bride and groom solid scents that make you sparkle in the spotlight

    Bride and groom solid scents that make you sparkle in the spotlight

    Getting hitched? You’ll want to add a Solid Scent Co. fragrance to your essentials list. Get ready to smell seriously breath-taking on the biggest day of your life and make the most magical memories. We’ve handpicked these elegant picks that guarantee to make you stand out from aisle to dance floor…

    Why should you choose a solid scent for your wedding day?

    We could go on and on about why choosing a solid scent is highly beneficial for your big day, but we’ll leave it at this – no liquid means zero spills, the fast absorbing base of shea butter and beeswax enhances the longevity of the scent and it’s super compact (you can keep it close to hand or in the groom’s jacket pocket). Classy and convenient, what’s not to love?

    Solid scents for brides

    You want to smell: Floral and feminine

    Pick: Solid Perfume Luna 

    Why you’ll love it: This floral delight was made to be worn on your wedding day as it perfectly compliments a bridal bouquet. Inspired by luscious, dewy flowers, the sweetness of roses, jasmine, freesia and orchid sparkle on your skin. The charm continues via refreshing mandarin and creamy vanilla, so you can count on this to smell romantic and classic on your special day. 

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    You want to smell: Sweet and sophisticated

    Pick: Solid Perfume Raine

    Why you’ll love it: A sweet perfume on your big day is basically part of the wedding rulebook. And nothing’s more appropriate than the elegant mix of neroli, rose, wild plum and vanilla here. Once you apply this (we suggest doing so before putting on your dress), it’ll pump you up for the celebrations ahead. The best part? When you go back and smell this after your wedding day, it’ll always remind you of all those unforgettable moments, like a scented photo album.


    You want to smell: Playful and bold

    Pick: Solid Perfume Rocco

    Why you’ll love it: Note to self: it’s totally acceptable to smell fun and adventurous on your wedding day if dainty florals don’t cut it for you. Enter this game-changer, which mixes saffron, nutmeg and ginger with rose to keep things spicy yet pretty. Looking for wedding favours for your bridal party? This nifty fragrance is the one. 

    Solid scents for grooms

    You want to smell: Spicy and sensual

    Pick: Solid Cologne Ralston

    Why you’ll love it: From I do’s to first dance, this spicy scent will be your saviour. It’s been created to put the wearer in the spotlight, meaning it’s bold, powerful and makes an impression. Indulge in the ginger, white pepper and basil flower, AKA the most aromatic and chic blend a groom could ask for. Watch out for the base notes of sandalwood and cedar that last on your skin for the whole occasion – it’s so suave, you’ll feel a million dollars. Be prepared to steal the show in this. 

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    You want to smell: Refreshing and upbeat

    Pick: Solid Cologne Franklin

    Why you’ll love it: With all that dancing, photo taking and memory making, you’ll want a refreshing solid scent to keep you feeling cool and radiant. Cue Franklin with its juicy concoction of apple, blackcurrant, pineapple and juniper berries, which instantly uplifts and energises. You can count on this to give you that boost to kick start the day and keep you on best form throughout.

    You want to smell: Masculine and mysterious

    Pick: Solid Cologne Flinders

    Why you’ll love it: Grooms-to-be, you simply can’t go wrong with Flinders. Made to match a black-tie suit, it scores top marks for the sexiest solid scent around. That’s all thanks to the leather accord that pumps you up with adrenaline alongside nuances of grapefruit, cinnamon, musk and rose. We can confirm it’s highly addictive, so your other half will fall head over heels for it. Either surprise them with this dreamy scent on your big day or sport it for a few weeks beforehand so you can both get familiar with it.  

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