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    Why to switch to solid hand, body and hair products now

    Why to switch to solid hand, body and hair products now

    Forget liquid skincare and haircare – 2022 is all about the solid revolution. Simple, ethical and guilt-free, once you start on our Solid Soap and Solid Shampoo staples, you won’t be able to stop. Here’s why to try the trend now…

    VEGANUARY | Busaba
  • It’s Veganuary 
  • January is Veganuary – an annual awareness month that encourages people to go vegan and support cruelty-free initiatives. And being vegan for the month doesn’t just mean adopting a plant-based diet, it’s also about your lifestyle, beauty and skincare choices. This means you’ll want to be on the lookout for products that don’t contain animal derived ingredients, such as beeswax, honey, egg protein and fish oil. Enter Solid Soap and Solid Shampoo – new botanical-based skin, body and hair products from Solid Scent Co. made from 100% natural ingredients and pure essential oils. 

    Our vegan hero

    Solid Soap Bar Bergamot & Mint: Try this for Veganuary and you’ll be hooked for the rest of the year. Ready for a deep cleansing soap that smells incredible? Thanks to the toning salt and charcoal, you’ll get a creamy lather that oozes bergamot, mint, lavender and eucalyptus. 

    Solid Shampoo, soap, natural soap, clean beauty, eco, sustainable, vegan productNourish your new year skin 

    Whether it’s the icy cold weather or unwanted maskne, our skin is certainly craving some TLC. That’s why we’ve crafted Solid Soap Bars to be gentle, kind to skin and ultra-moisturising. Suitable for all skin types (yes, even the most sensitive skin), our formulas expertly exfoliate, cleanse, tone and nourish. What’s more, they don’t leave you with dry hands (yay!), so they’re totally winter-approved. Plus, there’s no better time than now to treat yourself to some much-needed self-care. Ready, set, pamper…

    Our skincare saviour
    Solid Soap Bar Lavender & Lemongrass: Lather this onto your hands and body for silky smooth skin. The lavender, lemongrass, mint and tea tree revitalise your skin, whilst the seaweed works hard to soothe and condition. 

  • Their heavenly scent will uplift you
  • When you use our Solid Soap and Shampoo bars, you’ll benefit from their calming, therapeutic scent. An instant mood-booster, all products boast a soft, subtle scent that invigorates and energises. Designed to make you feel good, they’re enriched with the most delightful essentials oils, from rosemary to ylang-ylang. Not to mention, each solid bar looks divine on a chic soap dish. 

    Our feel-good pick

    Solid Shampoo Bar Patchouli, Tea Tree & Sweet Orange: All hail Solid Scent Co.’s first shampoo bar, which (if we say so ourselves) smells like a tropical paradise. Whisking you away somewhere sunny, the sweet orange works wonders as you foam this into your hair. Featuring jojoba oil and shine-inducing tussah silk, it promises to leave hair in the most swoon-worthy condition. 

  • It’s time to shop sustainably 
  • Each and every step of the Solid Scent Co. process is carried out in the most ethical way possible. And that remains true for the essential oils in the Solid Soap and Shampoo bars, extracted from the most sustainable sources. Firstly, rainwater from the Antrim Glens in Northern Ireland is filtered to carry out the cold process soapmaking method. Then, the soap is hand-mixed, poured and moulded, limiting the amount of machinery in the mix. So if you’re looking to try sustainable beauty and skincare but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. 

    Our eco-friendly favourite

    Solid Soap Bar Eucalyptus & Rosemary: Infused with our favourite anti-bacterial heroes (AKA eucalyptus, powdered eucalyptus leaves and rosemary), this planet-conscious pick exfoliates, cleanses and moisturises. 

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