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    Solid Cologne Co. Launching 14th October

    Solid Cologne Co. Launching 14th October

    Breaking news: The Solid Cologne Co. is launching on 14th October 2020 – here’s why it’s a men’s must-have


    Stop what you’re doing – there’s a new men’s fragrance collection about to drop. Cue The Solid Cologne Co. range, which consists of four solid scents made to be worn this Autumn (and beyond), whether you want a boost whilst WFH or are jetting off on holiday…

    Solid Cologne Co. collection: the lowdown

    Does masculine, fresh, aromatic and warm sound your vibe? Then meet the new Solid Cologne Co. crew – Franklin, Ralston, Flinders and Hudson. We love fruit-filled Franklin, which oozes playful blackcurrant and bergamot, whilst Ralston is a tad more zen, thanks to the blend of citron and sandalwood. For a bold, sexy scent perfect for a night out, go for Flinders and its combo of blood orange and amber (you won’t regret it). Last but not least, thank goodness for the smoky notes of rosewood and juniper in Hudson, which combine with mandarin for an instant energy boost.


    Solid Cologne Co.

    The story behind the scents

    After the success of the Solid Perfume Co., launching a men’s range was a no-brainer for its two Irish founders. School friends from a young age (since 1994 to be precise), two local lads from Belfast set off to create something unique and practical for travelling with – and despite one of them residing in Australia, the company has become the go-to destination for fuss-free, ethical and exquisite fragrance. So with Solid Perfume Co. getting rave reviews, it was clear men wanted a piece of the pie too. Thus Solid Cologne Co. was born – refillable, eco-friendly and cruelty-free products named after explorers, with a compass design on the packaging featuring the coordinates of Belfast and Melbourne, representing the spirit of this transglobal brand.


    How to choose a signature Solid Cologne Co. scent

    Match your fragrance to your personality so it perfectly fits into your lifestyle, whether you’re an avid gym-goer, foodie or adrenaline-seeker. Here’s how to do it – if you’re fun and confident, try a fruity pick like Franklin, but if you’re more likely to shy away from attention (but still want to smell uplifting), you’ll need something subtle such as Ralston. Standout notes like amber and patchouli (found in Flinders) symbolise mystery and romance, hence why it’s our top date night pick. And crisp, wintry notes of rosewood and mandarin smell super-cosy, so if you’re pretty chilled and live life by YOLO, you’ll probably want to sport Hudson. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with switching up your scent throughout the day (we like to call it having fragrance flings), so if you think you may suit more than one solid scent, grab a refill too.


    The Solid Cologne Co. collection officially launches on 14th October

    Set a reminder in your diaries, pronto. If you’re a guy looking for a new scent or searching for the perfect gift, keep your eyes peeled for the biggest solid perfume launch of the year. In the meantime, you can browse through our Solid Perfume Co. range for women here.


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