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    4 reasons to pick this Solid Shampoo Bar for travelling

    4 reasons to pick this Solid Shampoo Bar for travelling

    Newsflash: the Solid Shampoo Bar is the trending new travel accessory everyone’s talking about. Created to be easily portable and simple for use on holiday, here’s why to grab our Solid Shampoo Bar Patchouli, Tea Tree & Sweet Orange for every vacay, whether it’s an exotic retreat, ski break or work trip…

  • It’s hand-luggage friendly  
  • Forget liquid shampoos that leave you worrying they might leak in transit – 2022 is all about the Solid Shampoo revolution. It takes up minimal space in your hand luggage or suitcase and if you’re planning on travelling light, you won’t get any surprises at security. Easy peasy! With solid beauty and hair products trending right now (they’re hugely sustainable and eco-friendly), we’re predicting this will be the future of travel essentials.

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  • It’s calming for nervous travellers 
  • Travelling can be stressful and overwhelming, especially in the run up to your trip. So here’s our self-care tip – as well as bringing the Solid Shampoo Bar on your travels, wash your hair with it a day or two beforehand. You’ll be amazed at how relaxed you feel, thanks to the blend of essential oils specifically chosen for their therapeutic qualities. Combining patchouli, which eases stress and anxiety, with sweet orange oil that boosts your mood, it’s uplifting and refreshing. Now, you’re officially ready for your adventure ahead. 

  • It leaves you with swoon-worthy hair on holiday
  • Glossy, hydrated hair on holiday? Yes please! Get ready to show off your soft, smooth locks with the Solid Shampoo Bar Patchouli, Tea Tree & Sweet Orange. As well as the main essential oils, it boasts moisturising jojoba oil (which promotes hair thickness) and tussah silk (strengthens hair preventing damage), so if you’re looking for healthy, nourished hair, this is your go-to. Suitable for all hair types, simply apply it to wet hair, circulating the foamy lather from the scalp to the ends. Rinse thoroughly and voila, you have holiday-ready hair! 

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  • It’s a scalp saviour too 
  • Hello, holiday scalp treatment! From dandruff to dry scalp, the Solid Shampoo Bar tackles it all. You’ll love the gentle, botanical-based formula that mildly exfoliates, cleanses and tones, providing you with salon-worthy results. The hard-working ingredients ensure your scalp is treated as much as your hair – and we know on holiday you don’t want any flaky scalp surprises. It features Pro Vitamin B5, which prevents dry scalp, Moroccan lava clay that cleanses any impurities and tea tree to reduce dandruff and itchy scalps. A winning formula, if we say so ourselves. 

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